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> Applications > LED

Sensor X-ray inspection is mainly covered from the SMT solder-joint algorithm library. In respect of voiding in the sensor joint area – a dedicated advanced void algorithm is available. For wire-bond inspection the semi-back end algorithm library can be used. Sensor inspection in multi-panel board condition can be inspected with the standard SMT setup in alls MXI and AXI systems. De-panelized sensor components are inspectable in trays as well. For such application a specific component in tray handling is available (X3S).

Typical LED Inspection Coverage:

  • Off-position
  • Insufficient soldering
  • Lifted
  • Voiding
  • Wire-bond test

Product Family

> Applications > Wire-Sweep Bondtest
  • ​Automatic X-ray inspection solutions for semiconductor application on substrate-level (component backend)
  • Manual X-ray analyser plays an important role in the inspection of semi-conductor devices for sampling and/or quality control
  • The new X2.5# series is now first time capable to allow a 100% all wires on substrate inspection.
  • The new MatriX wire sweep algorithm library allows a fully automatic inspection on the wire sweep profile – based on CAD input and chip model library
  • First wire-sweep AXI for 100% inspection (automotive components requirement)

Product Family

> Applications > Sensors

Various sensor AXI applications are available from MatriX with dedicated inspection algorithms. Especially in the automotive and aerospace area critical sensors have to be 100% inspected and therefore high-speed AXI is required with cycle-times less then 5s (3s) per sensor. Currently 2 different system setups are available: Sensor in tray setup (X2.5#, X3S) and dedicated integrated inline solutions with customized sensor holders and the capability to rotate the sensor for different angle-shots.

Available standard solutions:

Airbag-initiator inspection coverage:

  • Assembly & placement test
  • Powder filling level
  • Wire soldering inspection
  • Missing & broken wires

Pressure-sensors (ABS) inspection coverage:

  • Assembly and placement test
  • Material welding test
  • Wire shape test
  • Missing & broken wires

Customized solutions upon request.

Product Family

> Applications > Solder Joint Inspection

X-ray inspection for solder joint analysis is an integral part in quality control of today’s electronic production. Especially packages like BGA and QFN, processed with hidden solder joints, require X-ray solutions to ensure product quality.

Inspection coverage (extract):

  • Lifted
  • Insufficient
  • Voiding
  • Head-in-Pillow (HIP [BGA])
  • Bridge/short

Therefore MatriX offers a comprehensive algorithm library for state of the art defect recognition throughout all SMT capable system types.
MatriX high speed AXI can typically be used for 100%  test-coverage (all components) inspection or for selective parts only (BGA,QFN) in on-line or off-line setups.
Combined Inspection Technologies: Transmission (2D), 2.5D and/or 3D technique

Product Family

> Applications > Power devices / Cooling plates

Analysing voiding and soldered area of assembled power devices and cooling plates. Special solder-level separation technique for multi-layer soldering applications (hybrid-power components).

Inspection coverage (extract):

  • Voiding [%]
  • Voiding (area)
  • Void-separation for multi-layer  (i.ex. for chip-layer and substrate layer)
  • Soldering area

Requires high power setup and 16 Bit detector technology for heavy cooling plates. By using the MatriX SFTTM Technology - inhomogeneous backgrounds and disturbing structures are eliminated, thus assuring a correct void calculation.

Product Family

> Applications > PTH

Wetting coverage of Pin-Through-Hole (PTH) connections is an essential test of post-wave and/or post-selective soldering processes. In conjunction with MatriX‘ 2.5D oblique-view image capturing techniques and best in class THT/PTH algorithm library, a tailored high-speed solution can be provided.

Inspection coverage (extract):

  • Barrel fill
  • Pin penetration
  • Voiding
  • Bridge/Short
  • Solder balls

For automtive applications typically 100% inspection for all PTH required.

Product Family

> Applications > Subassemblies (automotive)

Components range from power transmission through interior trim to electronics. Materials may be metallic or non-metallic, but in either case MatriX’s experience in the sector is to assist the demand of manufacturers in:

  • Inspection of hidden components
  • PTH Inspection
  • Void Inspection
  • Inspection of discrete elements

Product Family

> Applications > Final Assembly Test (Consumer)

Best in class final assembly inspection for complete electronic products such as smart phones, notebooks, wearables etc.

Inspection coverage (extract):

  • Integrity: extra and missing components/material (e.g. screws)
  • Missaligned components and modules (e.g. cables, connectors, screws)
  • Connector alignment check
  • Comprehensive screw test (e.g. loosen, missing, tilted screws, tightness)

Inspection via high speed X-ray line scan technique and/or multiple image capturing using latest flatpanel-detectors.

Product Family

> Applications > Power adapter

Final assembly inspection of power adapters and connectors.

Inspection coverage (extract):

  • Assembly offsets
  • Soldering quality
  • Detection of cracks in power springs

Inspection via high speed X-ray line scan technique and/or multiple image capturing using latest flatpanel-detectors.

Product Family

> Applications > Batteries

Advanced battery form factors require smart inspection techniques for:

  • Anode-Cathode-Offset check
  • Ensuring size accuracy of all layers

MatriX‘ fully automatic CT capturing and resulting 3D-slice-analysis lifts that task from the lab to the actual production floor. Enabling real time process control with automised feedback loops.

Product Family

> Applications > Casting/Advanced Materials

Automatic material analysing under in-line production conditions with a highly precise and industry leading automatic registration technique. Especially safety relevant casting parts used in the automotive industry are often required to be inspected:

Inspection coverage (extract):

  • Blowholes
  • Porosity
  • Inclusions
  • Cracks

Object contour-filtering for ease-to-use defect navigation.

Product Family

> Applications > Medical Implants

Automatic 2D X-ray and CT inspection of critical medical parts such as screws, nails and other implants.

Inspection coverage (extract):

  • Size and type accuracy inspection
  • Integrity of the packaging

Based on the actual task the most suitable imaging technique can be selected out of MatriX‘ complete image capturing portfolio.

Product Family